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As a property manager, we are sure you have mixed feelings about publicly rented scooters when it comes to why they are popular. While they offer unmatched convenience, they also can pose hazards in high traffic areas.

This is why Queen City Scooters LLC developed the private fleet concept. Our business model is 100% backed by Segway, Dualtron, Emove and Kaabo! We are very motivated to partner with local communities and businesses to help clear pedestrian areas of ‘Scooter Congestion.’  

  • The Queen City Scooter electric vehicle inventory is available to Charlotte multi-family communities as well as office complexes exclusively through Queen City Scooters. Our fleet business model is a commercial micro-mobility game changer!
  • It provides properties with a remarkably wide variety of versatile and portable products that are user friendly and a blast to ride.
  • Providing guests/tenants with a scooter they can take with them will drastically improve their living and commuter experience.
  • Public scooters are a very real burden on local businesses, venues and public spaces; QCS provides access to products that remedy this.
  • Our products provide tenants, and their guests access to a uniform mobility option with a level of convenience unmatched by public rentals. 
  • All of our products have a very user-friendly interface. They are also environmentally friendly and a blast for riders!
  • Our product line-up consists of extremely durable vehicles 
  • With a long running time and fast charging our products provide fast unit turnaround. Rent them by the hour or by the day!
  • We even have models with patented folding and portable designs so you can offer tenants a superior alternative to public rentals. This allows your property to provide higher level amenities and generate additional revenue. 
  • We maintain a close relationship with you in support of your fleet.
    • We provide free monthly check-ups, have flexible maintenance plan options and fleet purchase discounts.
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